A Long Dark Road, an Injured Worker’s Story – Thoughts Before the Provincial Election

I really was having a difficult time coming to terms with doing this blog.  The sentiments expressed are based on my experiences and what I’ve had to endure for the last 4 years, since my last reoccurrence took me out of the workplace.  I had been willing to work within the system before that, actually since 1995, but with everything else I’ve blogged about I felt the need to summarize these thoughts.

Some things about our political system just don’t work.  If nothing else, please realize that if you or a member of your family is an injured worker, there is NO political party in this province that will be willing to help you or them!  Accountability is sorely lacking, as is the legislation that actually protects individuals.  Once you are in the system you really begin to understand that WSIB is designed to protect the employer, not the employee.  Many companies, like ArcelorMittal Dofasco, receive millions back in rebates on WSIB premiums based on injuries reported, and that is where the problem is.  Injuries are lied about or not reported and Ontario workers’ lives and livelihoods are on the line.

The governing party whether Liberal, Progressive Conservative or NDP, will not support or help injured workers.  All three parties have had their hands in creating the lop-sided legislation that exists.

For their part the Liberals and Kathleen Wynne have hidden behind well-worn and twisted legislation.  They will doggedly state that their hands are tied by this legislation or that legislation.  It’s the excuse they used as the response for my letters.  Even the Minister of Health will not acknowledge any potential breaches of privacy, or seeming improper practices at our health care facilities.

As for the NDP, Andrea Horwath is a huge disappointment.  As my member of parliament, her office has stated that they don’t help with WSIB and in the last year she has not responded to my letter or phone calls asking for assistance.  I have also heard that she hasn’t responded to other constituent requests for assistance.  You really have to wonder just what would happen if she was in the power seat of Premier.

That brings us to Tim Hudak and the Progressive Conservatives, big business in a nutshell.  PC politics supports anything that will keep big business here.  In the PC agenda we are pawns and any jobs that are middle-class are worth loosing if we can keep highly paid executives happy.  When I hear about the firing of 100,000 workers, civil servants or not, the reality is that these jobs are not the people pulling in six and seven-figure salaries.  These are attacks on young workers trying desperately to get into secure jobs to save their families.  These are the people who care for our injured workers, our elderly pensioners and society as a whole. These tactics also seem to attack the most vulnerable, the injured workers, who due to injuries are unable to complete all of the tasks of modified work.

Unfortunately all of this leaves us with very little choice when it comes to our election this week.  We vote based on past performance while all of these politicians use old scandals to distract us from other questions about what is happening to our health-care and social services.  The truth is that our political system works best as a minority.  At least this way we are less likely to be stripped of rights and benefits that years of hard work have earned us.

Please take the time to question your MPP and vote.


2 thoughts on “A Long Dark Road, an Injured Worker’s Story – Thoughts Before the Provincial Election

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  2. I know Cheryl I’m struggling to decide which incompetent fool I’m going to vote for because I do believe I should vote – but for whom should i vote that’s the question. Ontario is in a rut – Tim Hudak is Ruthless, Kathleen Wynn is Useless and Andrea Horwath is Toothless – so whom do I choose to run Ontario.

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