I am an injured steel worker in southern Ontario.  I’ve worked for the same company for 29 years.  When I started at ArcelorMittal Dofasco I thought I had myself and my family set for a decent life. Yet that changed when I was injured on the job in December 1995.  What I’ve witnessed and been subjected to over the intervening years is the subject of this blog.  It hasn’t been an easy ride to say the least.

I’ve seen what happens when people find the courage to stand up to the company, when they find the strength to pursue their rights and more importantly what the company can and will do in retribution. I’ve been on the receiving end and even now the depth and ferocity of their actions because they lost a case that they didn’t even deem worthy enough to show up for causes disbelief in those I share this story with.

It is my belief that unhealthy relationships exist between some Ontario employers and those in government departments that are supposed to help injured workers.  Even those who benefit indirectly from a company’s “good corporate citizenship grants and monies” can disappoint and may seem to cause harm. These at the very least are what my experiences have led me to believe.

If you know someone who was hurt in a workplace accident just remember that the injury isn’t the end.  It will be hard and most companies will do what they can to break you but you aren’t alone.  Rise up and be a voice.

At any rate, this is my story.  May you find it enlightening.


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